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Live like an expat in the comfort of your own home. follow me on twitter @culturedpalate



Dear Friends:
Welcome to The Delicious Dish—a Personal Chef Service located in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Our service is designed to make meals and at-home entertaining easier.

My Story:
Years of travel and living abroad has inspired me to create The Delicious Dish. My family lived in Mumbai, India for a few years and then in Central America. During that time, I was fortunate not only to experience a variety of cuisines—but to experience the benefits of living as an expatriate.

My Inspiration:
Living life as an expat has its perks. It was a dream come true for a busy mom with two active boys. It certainly was a big change from the way we lived in America. The rush of life, commitments, deadlines, juggling sports schedules, transporting kids; and trying to “balance” it all was stressful and relentless. On top of it all the requirement to make breakfast, lunch and dinner; not to mention grocery shopping, list making, menu development and attending to passing pickiness! When we moved overseas, I was able to hire staff—as is customary—in many countries around the globe. And I won’t lie—I LOVED it. One other thing I'll admit -- the name of my personal chef service was inspired by the Saturday Night Live skit!

My Contribution to Your Home:
Back in my home country, I have decided to offer those expat conveniences to harried singles, seniors, working couples and families. The Delicious Dish was inspired by my international travel and lifestyle.

I make sure my clients experience the relief of arriving home to fresh, interesting and convenient Delicious Dishes. Stop spending your weekends making trips to the grocery store, slicing/dicing and menu planning—Stop stressing over dinner time—Stop ordering take out—INSTEAD get out there and enjoy—knowing your giving yourself and your family well-rounded meals! And the time to nourish, savour and replenish.

Live like an expat—in the comfort of your own home!