The Delicious Dish
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How it Works


Dinner Service

Other Meals


How it Works


Listening to Your Needs:
Each and every client is unique. The Delicious Dish tailors meals to meet your needs, lifestyle and healthy priorities.

We will dialogue in person or over the phone before a detailed menu plan and pricing is developed.

Your feedback will be incorporated, as we develop our relationship, so menus are current and portion sizes are accurate.

Shopping, Planning, Preparation, Food and Special Ingredients: All Inclusive
Pricing is inclusive of shopping, planning and prep. time; food; and special ingredients.

Containers and heating instructions: All Inclusive
Delicious dishes will be served in aluminum containers with simple, easy, individual heating instructions.

Preparation, Delivery/Pick-Up:
Meals can be created in your kitchen as well as prepared for delivery or pickup.

The Delicious Dish accepts: paypal, personal check, or cash. In some cases, a small deposit will be required.